We are a conservation initiative led by students from Princeton University partnered with the World Wildlife Fund. Our goal is to contribute and raise money to fund research, community development, and rainforest restoration in South-East Asia. 

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Sunda Rainforest Project


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Sumatra's forests have been decimated by the palm oil and paper industry - Primary lowland dipterocarp rainforests are increasingly scarce today. Part of the land at Thirty Hills is degraded land - we hope to bridge this with the standing forest by following a stage-wise planting of tree species, going from pioneer species to eventually primary forest trees. We would like to restore mature habitat, turning degraded land into the 'Princeton Rainforest', creating an impact in the most meaningful way possible. As humanity's encroachment on habitats worldwide worsens, we want to help create solutions for mitigating the damage done. 

Primary forest gives way to Acacia plantations in a stark contrast in Central Sumatra

Source: Mongabay