We're making a documentary! In August of 2019 we travelled to Sumatra to see Bukit Tigapuluh for ourselves and to meet our amazing partners. We also spent some time getting fantastic footage of the rainforest and the restoration work being done by ABT, WWF, and FZS. We can't wait to share it with you! Make sure to follow us on instagram to stay up to date on our news and the documentary release.

20 September, 2020

Since the global pandemic began, daily life has mostly come to a standstill. But that doesn't mean wildlife is safe! Amazing people around the world have continued to safeguard wildlife and nature through these difficult times. To all the heroes from park rangers in Kenya to our very own forest security team at ABT, we thank you for your crucial and challenging work. 

Though we aren't in the field ourselves, we've kept busy this past year working on an exciting project - our documentary! Featuring footage we gathered while in Bukit Tigapuluh, our documentary will lead you on a journey through the heart of the rainforest and showcase the extraordinary work being done by our partners to save this amazing landscape, including orangutan rehabilitation and release, tree nurseries, and efforts to build a sustainable economy using non-timber forest projects to better the lives of the people and wildlife living in the Thirty Hills region. Keep your eyes peeled for our trailer and the documentary itself in the coming month!

Presentation to WWF HQ in Washington, DC

In October of last year, five of us had the honor of visiting the World Wildlife Headquarters in Washington, DC where we met with WWF CEO Carter Roberts and talked about our experience visiting Sumatra. That interview was featured in the WWF magazine Spring 2020 edition- check it out here. Then we gave a presentation about our organization and our goals, as well as some fun anecdotes from our trip. After that, we met with specialists in the science and marketing departments to plan our next steps. Overall, it was a great trip and we hope to see everyone again soon! 

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