We are a conservation initiative led by students from Princeton University partnered with the World Wildlife Fund. Our goal is to contribute and raise money to fund research, community development, and rainforest restoration in South-East Asia. 

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Sunda Rainforest Project


E: wconte@princeton.edu

M: +1 (415) 794-7335

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10% goal reached 

Final goal: $1,000,000

We are raising money to transform a plot of degraded land into fully functional rainforest - what you donate will go into raising native plants, making the soil suitable for primary rainforest trees, and creating a habitat suitable for Sumatran rhinoceros, Orang-utans, and Sumatran tigers. We will we working closely with local communities to make the Princeton Rainforest a space for not only conservation, but also ethnobotany and agroforestry.

NOTE: Under the field "special instructions or comments" visible on the donation page, please enter the text "Princeton Conservation Society"