About Us

The Princeton Sunda Rainforest Project is a subgroup of the Princeton Conservation Society, an on-campus group dedicated to conservation around the world. 

Princeton Conservation Society

The Princeton Conservation Society was founded in 2016 with the goal to bring together like-minded students and encourage conservation. We run study breaks, fundraise for various conservation initiatives, and organize trips around the world for students to learn about and participate in real conservation. We also make documentaries about our travels.

Princeton Sunda Rainforest Project

The Princeton Sunda Rainforest Project was founded in 2018 as a group within PCS that would focus specifically on tangible conservation efforts on the ground in an area that desperately needed attention. We chose to work in Sumatra because of its incredible biodiversity and relative lack of conservation resources.

Our Team

We are composed of undergraduate students and PhD candidates at Princeton University. 


Our Partners

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